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Do you:

  • Want to avoid spending more money than you really have to?
  • Want to pass your driving test with ease?
  • Want to be a good, safe driver?

We can help you achieve all this and more!

Take driving lessons with an experienced, approved driving instructor, based in Hereford and covering the surrounding areas, you will enjoy a friendly and relaxed learning environment with clear goals set for each lesson.

Feel confident with your skills and see your driving ability become better and better, before hearing those 3 words you’ve been waiting for,“Congratulations, you’ve passed!”

Research shows that if you practice a skill more frequently, you will get better much sooner. Combining driving lessons with private practice with a friend or relative is an excellent way to gain more experience on the roads. If practising with a friend or relative is not an option, taking driving lessons more than once a week can accelerate your learning and result in you taking less driving lessons in total, saving you money!

It’s important you get on with your driving instructor and enjoy your driving lessons for you to learn better. Our favourite subjects at school are normally the ones we are good at and these are normally with the teachers you liked.

Do you remember your worst teacher? Did you enjoy that subject? Were you good at it?

At Wye Orange we don’t shout, get frustrated or make you feel stupid. We will create a friendly and relaxed learning environment. We consider your needs. We encourage and guide you. We will help you become a confident safe driver ready to tackle any junction, any roundabout, any situation.

You are the customer and you have a right to expect excellent service!

A new and fresh approach

We use a more effective and modern approach referred to as ‘client-centred learning’ or ‘coaching’. With this approach, we work together, you are encouraged to set your own goals, and through safe experiential learning, you will be able to self-evaluate your progress. You will become a more responsible and safe driver. This approach can also reduce the number of driving lessons you need.

You have already taken the first step to getting on the road. Please click here for a detailed breakdown of our prices or call free on 0800 160 1050 or e mail us info@wyeorange.co.uk.

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